5lowershop is a DIY music, arts, activist collective which originated in San Francisco, California. The organisation began in 1997 as an underground free music distribution with a focus on promoting the more unfamiliar genres of non-commercial electronic music through a series of mixtapes. Cassettes of DJ's and live producers were sent out free of charge to anyone who left their details via an infoline (mostly within the US). In the beginning, the concept behind the mixtape series was to try and encourage the listener to pay more attention to the music and less attention to "who" was making it. Therefore, cover art and designs were mostly nameless.

5lowershop progressed to organising its first independent, commercial-free rave in collaboration with the SPAZ Soundsystem in 1998. In the following decade the collective established itself as a home for experimental/electronic dance music in San Francisco. 5lowershop has been on two major tours in the US and Europe, connecting with crews and organizations with a similar ethos and collaborating with them to create unique events in their cities.

Experimentation and collaboration have always been at the heart of the 5lowershop experience. While there have been various club residencies over the years, in general, 5lowershop events are often site-specific, one time only affairs which encourage working together with individuals and groups from all walks of life. As a crew we eschew the tools of the profit-driven electronic music scene in favour of cultivating mutual respect, community and creating safe autonomous spaces free from hierarchical authority and control.

We are currently compiling an archive of past activities which we hope to share with the public in 2021.

Stay tuned. Stay Konnected